Eco-friendly Production


An average pair of wedding bands from non-recycled metal results in tons of waste. If the couple were to put the tailings in their bedroom, they would measure six feet wide, six feet high and ten feet long!

Every single ring on this site is either made from recycled precious metal or fair trade precious metal. In our studio, we have state of the art ventilation systems on all our soldering stations – each individually controlled by our jewelers in order to conserve energy. We also have many safety features in place.

We also use non-harmful chemicals and solders as much as we can in the day to day manufacturing of our jewelry. We dehydrate and filter our waste fluids from our fabrication processes. We pay a premium to purchase "green power" from Public Service of New Mexico. We also offset our carbon use by contributing to Wild Earth Guardians, a New Mexico environmental organization that does ecological restoration of creeks and rivers. We recycle our metals, cardboard, cans and glass. We use 100% recycled office paper and toilet paper.

We use compact fluorescent lighting everywhere except our gallery. Green areas are also an important element in environmentally stewardship. In front of our office we removed a ten by thirty by ten inches foot monolithic concrete slab and planted a xeroscape garden. We constructed a small central courtyard and garden where we enjoy gathering for lunch and break times. We have invested a great deal in making our working space beautiful for all of us to enjoy.

Our studio, which we remodeled in 2001, is light, colorful and full of art. We are constantly looking for opportunities to create a more comfortable workplace and less environmental impact.

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